Technics GA3

Technics sx-GA3 Organ: Made to bring out the musician in you... right from the start. A large, easy-to-read LCD screen keeps you informed of the instrument's settings in realtime with large, graphic displays. When you need more information about any function, a user-friendly Help menu is at your service.

Performance-oriented Design

Exemplifying the Intelligent design of all Technics musical instruments, the large-size illuminated controls are easy to see and within easy reach.

One-Touch Playing Ease

The SX-GA3 offers four kinds of One-Touch functions, so even a beginner can sound like a seasoned player from the start. First, there's One-Touch Organ, which instantly sets up a variety of organ-type sounds and effects for keyboards and bass pedals.

Then, if you want to memorize any combination of registrations (up to 16 with the SX-GA3), store in the Panel Memory recall. You can do the same for orchestral instruments through One-Touch Registration. And One-Touch Play matches the rhythm you select with its optimum registration. Finally, use the Music Style Arranger to vary the sound and rhythm pattern.

Technics GA3 Video

Technics sx-GA3 Organ Video

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