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Technics Pro 90

Nighthawk - Brian Sharp Plays the Technics Pro 90

To say something fresh and new about Brian Sharp, already the acknowledged master of the electronic organ, is difficult. The superlatives have all been used before to describe his many brilliant performances.

But on Nighthawk, Brian has, quite simply, excelled himself.

Playing mostly his own arrangements, he coxes some unbelieveable sounds from the combination of Technics Pro 90, electronic keyboards (including Technics K100) and piano. Add to this a touch of live percussion and the skilful hand of John Taylor, in his role as both producer and recoding engineer, and you have a fantastic L.P.

On this record you have the choice of dreamy late night relaxation or a foot-tapping tempo which will make you want to dance.

This is one you will never tire of hearing.

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